Welcome to the ‘Alba-Bonsai’ and the ‘Peter Foele Bonsai School’ Website

What is Bonsai?

  • It is a 3-dimensional art-form that uses living plants to create an idealised image of an old and mature tree somewhere in nature.
  • It is a recipe that uses techniques, artistry, horticultural knowledge and patience to give us, when carefully measured and blended, living works of joy and beauty.
  • It is a way of life that enables us to see the world with renewed wonder (well… at least to me).

I hope that while you browse through these pages you will share in my enthusiasm for this beautiful and rewarding art-form, as well as getting inspired by my work.

Both ‘Bonsai Projects’ and ‘Student Trees’ pages will evolve over time, reflecting the development of the different projects discussed there.  Keep coming back for updates.

Whilst training under Danny Use at the Bonsai Center Ginkgo, I noticed a distinct difference between the two main approaches in Western Bonsai.

These can be surmised as the ‘instant bonsai’ as often witnessed on demonstrations and the ‘before-after’ articles in magazines versus the ‘steady development’ of the Japanese approach to Bonsai.

My observations showed me that the ‘steady development’ approach usually resulted in stronger mature (i.e. ‘finished’) Bonsai, while the quality of the branch structure significantly outshone those found on most ‘instant bonsai’.

Although it may have taken a little longer to develop the ‘final image’, this steady approach allows for an easier and more sustainable long-term maintenance regime to keep this image throughout many years / decades, and often at lower total costs (both in time and money).  This has made the ‘steady approach’ my preferred choice for working with Bonsai, and has become the dominant feature in my teachings.