Welcome to the Alba-Bonsai Craobhag lios-àraich (this is Gaelic for ‘small tree nursery’).

Over the last few years I noticed that good quality starting material is getting increasingly more difficult to find – and when you find it, it is getting more and more costly.  As it is the company’s vision to keep Bonsai affordable, a decision was made to start growing our own.

The current stock has been planted and is growing vigorously.  It consists of a variety of deciduous and non-deciduous species, and these plants will be trained according to established growing techniques in order to gain both girth, character and taper in the trunk, as well as having branches and foliage sufficiently close to the trunk to facilitate starting the journey towards fully-fledged Bonsai.

When the plants are ready – I will be able to offer a variety of species in a wide age-range – I will update this page.  It is our intention to provide a regular flow of this material for many decades to come.

Please feel free to contact me via the quick link on this page if you have a particular request.